Adapted Chaos is a personal blog.

Opinions expressed are solely mine. In addition, opinions change from time to time—what I have written years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, even seconds ago do not necessarily reflect the opinion I hold in the present. Expression of emotions—especially of anger, disgust—does not bear any weight in the present as well.

Comments are appreciated, so long as it is in written form. An option for you to give your comment has been provided, so please do not come up to me and comment in my face. Expressing your positive reception, however, may be done personally. I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason whatsoever—profane, stupid.

It is highly injudicious to confidently assume that posts you read exclusively mirror my life in general. No post should be taken against me—especially when it was written under the influence of alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine. If you’re going to complain about any negative, offensive, rotten post, do so when you’re walking down the busy streets of the city—if you’re extremely lucky, the pavement will hear you out.

No copyright whatsoever is being claimed for any photo or video posted, except for the personal photos which have been appropriately watermarked.