Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't Decide

can't decide
There are a dozen things I suck at—Math (undeniably), writing (what better proof), even in simple things like making a perfect sunny side up for breakfast, or slicing a cake. And that’s just to name a few. One of the things I’m definitely not good at is giving advices—the solicited ones. As for the unsolicited ones, I think I’m good at it. You see, I don’t think one can suck at giving unsolicited advices.

It’s a myth that people who suck at decision-making give good advices (but whoever said that). Because my not being good at giving advices springs from my poor decision-making skill. If only deciding was a simple as selecting. Like when you were a child and you had to choose what ice cream flavour you wanted: chocolate, vanilla, or mango. Vanilla! With selecting, you are given options; with deciding, more often, you are to give yourself the options and later on choose from them. Hair-splitting, I know. As we get older, the decisions we make get bigger and more complex. Or it could just be me. I could be missing a factor here. More likely, from the sky fell millions of copies of manual on decision making while I was drooling in bed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Harmonica at Eventide

In your jeans I slept
Another casualty
After I had given you the pleasure
Of my mouth

I crept out of it wet
Tip-toed outside so no one
Could hear me giggle
Gasped for air

I looked back
Another glance at the flesh
Stretched exhausted

Morning came
At the hall
We exchanged glances
Amongst strangers

You did not speak
I did not smile
We were strangers again
Amongst the crowd

Then night came
In your jeans, once again
Another casualty
Another pleasure