Friday, November 21, 2008

A Bird in the Sky



The rain seemed to sympathize with my despondency. I sat almost weightless on a small green plastic chair yet I felt a heavy weight drag me from the inside. The sky was of smoke, sullied and blurry tone. I watched as the rain continued on, as a flock of birds flew across the sky. I wondered if they were immune to the cold—a silly thought, I later realized.


Those birds had to face the bitter cold, they had no other choice. They must go some place else. What for? I had no idea, and I had no intention of finding out.


So like birds, sometimes we must fly straight against a storm—okay, perhaps even rain—and eventually we’ll get somewhere safe, and warmer. We’ll get to that place that forced us to brave the cold in the first place. But it gets tricky—things get tricky, life works that way- knowing which storm we must face. Because even the bravest, strongest man cannot take on every storm that comes his way. There are storms that you just have to let pass before you fly.